Piercing Info

What piercings are available?

Lobes - 6 years and up; $25 single hole; $45 two holes

Cartilage - 10+  $40

Tragus - 10+  $40

NeoMetal solid implant-grade titanium earrings are $60 per pair, $30 for single. Upgraded earrings are available.

What techniques does Dr. Zee-Cheng use?

I pierce only with sterile, single-use needles. This technique is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). For the APP's information on piercing guns, click here.

Can you tell me about the sterility of the piercing?

Piercings are performed with single-use sterile needles. Any other equipment that is used is processed first with an ultrasonic cleaner and then autoclaved. New jewelry is autoclaved before use. lf autoclaving is not possible, such as with gems, then new jewelry is ultrasonically cleaned prior to use. The APP recommends aseptic technique for piercings. I use sterile gloves as an added measure of infection control.

What jewelry is available?

I pierce exclusively with NeoMetal jewelry. NeoMetal is manufactured with solid implant-grade titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI). No glues or adhesives are ever used.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

To ensure the best possible healing for your new piercing, I only pierce with NeoMetal jewelry sold at Peppermint Pediatrics.  

How do I schedule an appointment?

Schedule here!