Piercing FAQs

Do I have to be a kid to get pierced?

Absolutely not! I pierce anyone over the age of 5. Looking for a custom ear curation? Look no further!

How are piercings performed?

A first ear piercing is a big deal. It's important to get kids started out right, so I follow the guidelines recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). This means: sterile, single-use needles, implant-grade jewelry, and never a gun! For the APP's information on piercing guns, click here.

You will need to bring your driver's license to the piercing appointment. Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Can we talk about the piercing first?

Absolutely! I recommend piercing consultations. At this in-person meeting, you and your child can ask any questions about the piercing, learn about the piercing, and take a look at jewelry options! Getting a piercing is a big decision, and learning about the procedure beforehand can help kids feel empowered about their body. Consultations can be scheduled here.

Can I bring someone with me?

You can absolutely bring adult family members or friends for support! However, in order to ensure the best possible piercing experience, unsupervised minors are not permitted at piercing appointments. 

Do the piercings hurt?

It's important to be honest with kids about the experience of piercing. While I can't promise a pain-free experience, I offer topical numbing medicine to help alleviate pain. The procedure is quick, and for many people, it isn't bad at all. I recommend scheduling a piercing consultation here to discuss pain expectations and management.

What kind of piercings are available?


  Lobes/High Lobes


  Forward Helix

  Vertical Helix




  Faux Rook





Face (Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required):


The piercing procedure fee is $25 per hole, regardless of location. This does not include jewelry. The procedure fee is nonrefundable.

The cost of jewelry changes for healed piercings done elsewhere is $10. Downsizes are $15 per post (threadless only). You can schedule these here.

Can I see some piercings you've done?

Absolutely! Click here for the gallery, or follow @peppermintpiercing on Instagram.

What jewelry is available?

I pierce with certified implant-grade materials, such as implant-grade titanium (ASTM F136 6AI-4V ELI) and 14 karat gold fine jewelry. The earring posts and backs are a single unit, so there's no concern about embedded or lost earring backs. Earrings start at $90 a pair plus tax, and are purchased at the time of piercing. All jewelry brands I use are compliant with APP standards.

How is the jewelry sterilized?

All jewelry is sterilized before the procedure in an autoclave.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

To ensure the best possible healing for your new piercing, I only pierce with certified implant-grade materials, and so I pierce only with jewelry that I sell. 

I lost/broke my jewelry. Can I get a refund?

I use and sell only the highest-quality jewelry. However, care of fine jewelry is ultimately the responsibility of the client. For this reason, all jewelry is final sale, and there are no refunds or exchanges.

When can I change my jewelry?

For lobes, it is safe to change jewelry in 6-8 weeks. For cartilage piercings, you may change jewelry in 8-10 weeks. 

When can I go swimming with my new piercing?

I recommend waiting a minimum of 3 weeks to go swimming in chlorinated water. For unchlorinated water, such as lakes or oceans, I recommend waiting at least 6-8 weeks. 

What is a downsize?

Piercing jewelry uses a slightly longer post than what you'll ultimately end up needing. This is done to accommodate swelling in the first few weeks of a fresh piercing. It's important to downsize to a shorter post after the initial healing period to maintain the integrity of your piercing, especially in cartilage piercings. Downsizes for threadless jewelry (which is what I use for piercing) can be scheduled here.

How long until I can leave my piercings empty (without jewelry)?

I do not recommend earlobe piercings empty (without jewelry) for at least a year. I do not recommend ever leaving cartilage or nose piercings empty. For that first year, I recommend wearing implant-grade jewelry only (such as implant-grade titanium or 14k or higher gold).

Should I tip?

Tipping is appreciated but never expected. Piercing is a service; like most services, if you found the experience to be exceptional, it is courteous to tip.