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Why Peppermint Pediatrics?

Tired of rushed appointments and long waits? Me too. My priority is your child - not a metric, a number, or a reimbursement. With your membership, you get direct access to me via my personal email and cell number. And a smaller practice means more time - appointments are at your pace.

Is Peppermint Pediatrics worth it?

Direct pediatrics, or direct primary care, saves time (no sitting around in a waiting room) and money (no $200 urgent care fees). You talk to me directly - not an operator, a nurse triage line, or an on-call physician who's never seen your child. There are no surprise bills after a visit, no co-pays, and no markups.

My child only sees the doctor once a year. Is this for me?

Imagine how different your relationship with your doctor might be if you had easy access to them whenever you had a question or concern. My goal is to create a true relationship with your family, so you feel comfortable contacting me whenever you need to.


Membership isn't just a yearly physical. In addition to all sick visits, texting, phone calls, and virtual visits, your child also receives a quarterly check-in--for mental health, development, or anything else they might need. 

How long will my child's appointment REALLY be?

Well checks are 60 minutes, and 100% of your appointment time is face-to-face with the doctor. Sick visits can vary, but my goal is to make sure you have all your health needs met!

Is my older adolescent or college student eligible for membership?

Yes! I care for clients through college graduation or age 22.

Does Peppermint Pediatrics take insurance?

I see everyone, regardless of insurance. All your in-person visits, phone calls, emails, texts, and video calls are covered by your monthly membership fee. Peppermint Pediatrics is out-of-network for insurance plans. Superbills are available upon request.

If covered, insurance may be used for:

- Vaccinations

- Laboratory testing and imaging not performed by Peppermint Pediatrics

- Specialist appointments and appointments outside of Peppermint Pediatrics

Often, HSAs and FSAs can be used to pay for membership fees. Check with your HSA and FSA carriers to see if this applies to you!

Is Peppermint Pediatrics an insurance plan?

Peppermint Pediatrics is not an insurance plan, and I recommend that your child maintain coverage in the event of emergencies, severe illnesses, and hospital stays. Insurance will also cover vaccines, labs not performed by Peppermint Pediatrics, and many medications. 

What if my child is admitted to the hospital or needs a referral?

For specialists, emergencies, and hospital admissions, we recommend maintaining health insurance coverage for your child. I will communicate regularly with the physicians caring for your child in the hospital.

How can Dr. Zee-Cheng guarantee availability?

In order to guarantee the best possible client experience and ensure accessibility, membership will be limited. Once the practice limits are reached, new clients will be added to a waitlist. 

What labs and tests does Peppermint Pediatrics offer?

Peppermint Pediatrics is thrilled to offer the following labs and tests, all covered by your monthly membership fee:

- Rapid strep test

- Rapid influenza test

- Rapid RSV test

- Rapid COVID-19 test, with PCR available (testing for non-members also available)

- Point-of-care hemoglobin

- Point-of-care cholesterol

- Blood glucose by fingerstick

- Hemoglobin A1C

- Urinalysis

Peppermint Pediatrics offers discounted rates for labs and radiology not performed in clinic, or your insurance may be used!

What precautions does Peppermint Pediatrics take for COVID-19?

I am a board certified pediatric critical care physician, and I know the severity of COVID-19. I am fully vaccinated and boosted, and all eligible members of my household are vaccinated, too. The clinic is sanitized with EPA-approved materials between each visit, and only one family is permitted in the clinic at a time. I also have HEPA filters in each area of the office. 

What is the vaccination policy at Peppermint Pediatrics?

Peppermint Pediatrics recommends that all children be vaccinated according the CDC schedule. I am very happy to discuss any questions or concerns about immunizations that families may have. Modified vaccination schedules are possible upon request.

I'm worried about the pain of vaccinations and procedures.

I have trained with Child Life specialists in the ONE VOICE technique for pain management. In addition, Peppermint Pediatrics offers topical numbing medications and devices for vaccinations and piercing. I will work with you and your family to find the most effective pain management techniques for your child.

How do I sign up?

The relationship with your doctor is crucial to your child's health, so let's confirm that Peppermint Pediatrics is the right fit for your family! To join the Peppermint family, email me to schedule a meet and greet- in person or via video call or phone. There's no charge for this visit.

How do I pay for my membership?

Peppermint Pediatrics accepts monthly credit card payments. HSA and FSA may also be accepted - check with your carrier! Payments are made at the beginning of the month and will apply to that month. 

What if Dr. Zee-Cheng goes on vacation?

Any trips out of town will be planned in advance (with the exception of emergencies). If for any reason I am not available, then coverage will be provided by a qualified and caring physician.

I'd like to cancel my membership.

I understand that every child is different, and every family has different needs! Peppermint Pediatrics uses no contracts and there is no obligation. I only require 30 days' written notice of cancellation - and don't worry, there are never hard feelings! I will send your child's medical records to your next doctor as soon as you cancel. 

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