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Our Office

Going to the doctor doesn't have to be stressful or scary. At Peppermint Pediatrics, your visit takes place in a tranquil, welcoming environment on an idyllic five acres. There's even an apple tree out front! 

Enjoy a sparkling clean office with only your family present - no waiting room.


Not everything requires an exam table. Settle in for a conversation in our mental health room, or check out a book from the Peppermint Wellness Library.

Before you head home from a leisurely visit, stop at the Peppermint Boutique! I carry brands like The Saturday Baby, Itzy Ritzy, Pantry Products, and Slumberkins; and we stock a full range of books on body safety, self esteem, mindfulness, and mental health. I also make hand-stamped jewelry, which I'd be happy to personalize for you!   

Renovation by Fishers Remodeling

Photos by RC Fine Portraits

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