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Ages 6 and up - no membership required.
Schedule below.

I am a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers - verify at
Your private piercing session is conducted in a safe, clean, tranquil environment. I
pierce with needles only - no piercing guns.
Luxury and upgraded jewelry available.

For more information, including cost and types of piercings, check out the Piercing FAQs, or take a look at piercings I've done in the Gallery!



For a list of available piercings, take a look at the FAQs! Deposit is nonrefundable and applied to the cost of the piercing.

Jewelry change

This is an in-person appointment. Downsizes are $15/post; jewelry changes are $10. 

Teddy Bear Piercing
(& Consultation!)

Nervous about a first piercing? Bring your favorite stuffed animal for a piercing & consultation (or choose one from the Brave Buddy Box). $8. 

Having problems with a piercing done with me or somewhere else? Schedule a troubleshooting appointment. $15.

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