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Membership required.

I have completed over 100 hours of lactation-specific education and over 1000 hours of clinical lactation management, and am internationally board certified in lactation. I'm pleased to offer support and management for lactation, including diagnosis and management of conditions such as: 

- Latch issues
- Tongue tie, including frenectomy
- Oversupply and low supply
- Clogged ducts, dysbiosis, mastitis, and nipple infections
- Neonatal poor weight gain
- Baby-led weaning
- Pump fitting
- Insufficient glandular tissue
- Nipple pain and vasospasm
- Co-management of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Membership is required for lactation services. Initial consult is $280. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes and $200. In-home is 
available for an additional fee. 
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