No membership required. Adult vaccinations also available.
Currently available: COVID-19 - Pfizer >5 years old.


1) Schedule your appointment below - up to 4 people per 15 minute slot

2) You will receive a confirmation email with instructions to register each person with Vaxcare.

3) Vaxcare does not send confirmation emails, so please email me when you have completed registration.


If you do not register with Vaxcare within 48 hours, your appointment will be automatically canceled.

Regarding Pfizer 6month-4year vaccines: As soon as the vaccine has been authorized by the FDA, CDC, and Dr. Walensky, I will open up additional availability for scheduling. Please keep in mind that the appointments are pending vaccine availability and rescheduling may be necessary. 

Vaccines run through insurance if you have it. There is no additional charge from me for vaccinations. 

Second doses should be scheduled no sooner than 21 days after the first dose. Please try to schedule before 42 days after the first dose.

If you are not going to be at your appointment, please cancel the appointment using the link in your confirmation email. 

COVID-19 vaccine info