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Starting 3/1/22, I will NO LONGER be offering the following vaccines:
 Pfizer primary series (any age)
Pfizer bivalent booster 5-11 year
Pfizer bivalent 3rd dose (6mos-4y)
Moderna primary series (any age)
This change is because of lower community demand. I am wasting a lot of doses and I want to be mindful of resources for the entire state.



  • Primary series: Pfizer 6 months - 11 years

  • Primary series Moderna 6 months - 11 years

  • BIVALENT booster: Pfizer 5 years - 11 years

  • BIVALENT booster: Moderna 6 months - 5 years

  • BIVALENT booster: Moderna 6 years - 11 years

  • BIVALENT booster: Moderna 12 years and up

FLU / childhood vaccinations


If your insurance is not in-network with Vaxcare, I will contact you after you register to provide cash prices.

How to Schedule:

1) Schedule your appointment using the buttons below - up to 4 people per 15 minute slot

2) You will receive a confirmation email with instructions to register each person with Vaxcare.

3) Vaxcare does not send confirmation emails, so please email me when you have completed registration.

4) If your insurance is out of Vaxcare's billing network, then the out of pocket cost for flu shots is $30. There is no charge for COVID-19 vaccines.


If you do not register with Vaxcare within 48 hours, your appointment will be automatically canceled.

Vaccines run through insurance if you have it. There is no additional charge from me for vaccinations. 

Second doses should be scheduled no sooner than 21 days after the first dose (Pfizer) or no sooner than 28 days after the first dose (Moderna). Please try to schedule before 42 days after the first dose.


You will receive a Vaccine Selection Form the day before your appointment. This must be completed prior to your appointment or you cannot be vaccinated.


If you need to change or modify your appointment, you may do so using the link in your confirmation email. 

COVID-19 vaccine info

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