Piercing Info

What piercings are available?

Lobes - all ages

Doubles/Triples - 6+, depending on size of lobes

Cartilage - 10+

Tragus - 10+

What techniques does Dr. Zee-Cheng use?

Dr. Zee-Cheng pierces only with sterile, single-use hollow needles. This technique is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). For the APP's information on piercing guns, click here.

Can you tell me about the sterility of the piercing?

Piercings are performed with single-use sterile needles. Any other equipment that is used is processed first with an ultrasonic cleaner and then autoclaved. New jewelry is autoclaved before use. lf autoclaving is not possible, such as with 14K gold or gems, then new jewelry is ultrasonically cleaned prior to use. The APP recommends aseptic technique for piercings. Dr. Zee-Cheng uses sterile gloves as an added measure of infection control.

What jewelry is available?

For infants, Dr. Zee-Cheng uses In Season hypoallergenic, screw-back, 14K gold studs. These are inserted at the time of the piercing - no swapping out of needle and stud. For older children, we offer Blomdahl friction-back earrings in medical-grade titanium; we also stock press-fit flat- and ball-back studs in implant-grade titanium made by Neometal. Jewelry can be selected at the time of piercing.

Can I bring my own jewelry?

Dr. Zee-Cheng wants to ensure the best possible healing for your new piercing, so she only pierces with jewelry sold at Peppermint Pediatrics.  

How do I schedule an appointment?

Please fill out the consent form, which can be found here!